CORDEX South Asia Training Workshop

17-20 October 2012, CCCR - IITM, Pune, INDIA

       Development of regional capacity for assessment of regional climate changes over South Asia with higher level of confidence on model-based projections and judgment of local/regional experts from the Asian region is essential for providing relevant and reliable regional climate change information for Vulnerability, Impact and Adaptation (VIA) studies over the region.

       The overarching goals of the CORDEX South Asia Training Workshop are envisaged towards integrating the regional climate downscaling activities, facilitating cross-fertilization of scientific expertise and engaging the community of Asian scientists for further capacity building in the region. These goals would benefit the development of appropriate inputs for further exploitation of the science-based climate information by the VIA community.

       Keeping these goals in view, the CORDEX South Asia Training Workshop aims to develop and train a core team of researchers through hands-on activities such as analysis of model simulations, interpretation and validation model simulations with historical observations and involving the VIA community through discussions and interactions for effective harnessing of the regional climate change information. These goals and aims translate into the following focused objectives.

To develop a regional CORDEX group in South Asia for evaluation, interaction with potential users and training purposes
To provide an opportunity for regional scientists in South Asia to be involved in the production, analysis and delivery of regional climate information and simply to provide better climate information in regions that lack such data