• Dr. Kyo Lee, Co-investigator of the Regional Climate Model Evaluation System (RCMES) team in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) USA provided a half-day training session to demonstrate the application of RCMES focusing on CORDEX South Asia at CCCR-IITM on 24th December 2018.

    RCMES is a combined database-toolkit designed to facilitate access to observational data and a basic computational toolkit for handling the database and calculating model performance metrics with special emphasis on handling a variety of remote sensing, reanalysis and in-situ data (more..). RCMES is powered by the Apache Open Climate Workbench (OCW) open-source software (OSS). The RCMES framework will allow the climate scientists to participate in the development and customization of OSS to study regional climate change. The OCW software that powers RCMES includes a Python OSS library for common climate model evaluation tasks as well as a set of user-friendly interfaces for quickly configuring a model evaluation task. OCW also allows users to build their own climate data analysis tools, such as the statistical downscaling toolkit provided as a part of RCMES.

    The NASA JPL-RCMES team led by Dr. Duane Waliser (Chief Scientist for the Earth Science and Technology Directorate at JPL) is undertaking a multi-domain, multi-model and multi-variate observation based model evaluation of CORDEX simulations. The objectives are to demonstrate the use of RCMES, including its access to obs4MIPs data and model evaluation functionality, for regional climate evaluation relevant to CORDEX. The analysis for this project is underway, with results provided on the CORDEX-Evaluation page of RCMES.
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