1. Dr. Ken Kunkel - An Introduction to Downscaling Methods | Download
2. Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni - Review of Statistical Downscaling | Download
3. Dr. J. Sanjay - Downscaled Climate Projections for South Asia | Download
4. Dr. Aradhana Yaduwanshi - Use of climate projection data to assess future vulnerability to develop adaptation plan | Download
5. Ms. Jayshri Patel - Bias correction of precipitation from regional climate model using quantile mapping | Download
6. Dr. Subimal Ghosh - Applications of Downscaling in Assessing Impacts of Climate Change: Challenges and Unanswered Questions| Download
7. Dr. P P Mujumdar - Use of CORDEX Downscaled Data for Hydrologic Impact Assessment | Download
8. Dr. Kamal Murari - Evaluating the added value in regional climate model simulations of extreme temperatures in India | Download
9. Dr. Ranjini Swaminathan - Automated Quality Control of Observed Weather Station Data | Download
10. Dr. Anne Stoner - GFDL-NCPP "Perfect Model" Model Approach to Comparing Downscaling Methods and Introduction to Asynchronous Regional Regression Model (ARRM) | Download
11. Dr. Bridget Thrasher - Introduction to NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) Downscaled Data | Download | Video
12. Dr. Katharine HayhoeIntroduction with ARRM and NEX Downscaled Output | Download | Video
13. Hands-on Exercise with ARRM and NEX downscaled output | Download
14. Ms. Jennifer Steeves - Research and Implementation Experience with State Action Plan Development Activities and Uttarakhand Video | Download | Video
15. Dr. Sandhya Rao - Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability Assessment for Uttarakhand using CORDEX Climate Data | Download
16. Dr. Arvind Boaz - Initiatives to Downscale Climate Change Adaptation to Sub-Regional level... | Download
17. Dr. Manish Kumar Shrivastava - A Perspective on Action Plans on climate Change and Vulnerability & Risk Assessment | Download
18. Dr. Lokendra Thakkar - A state vulnerable and responsive to Climate Change | Download
19. Dr. Crispino Lobo - Identifying and Reducing Climate Induced Risks in Rainfed Farming Systems | Download
20. Dr. Amir Bazaz - Climate Change & Urban Planning | Download
21. Dr. Jagdish - How can we Assess the Performance of Downscaled Climate Information for Ecosystems and Agriculture? | Download
22. Dr. Anne Stoner - Examples of Applications of Downscaling Outputs - 3 Case Studies (Agriculture, Infrastructure, Urban Planning) | Download
23. Dr. John Balbus - Case Studies and Discussion on Connections of Downscaled Climate Information and Health Sector | Download
24. Meena Sehgal - Connections of Downscaled Climate Information and Health Sector | Download
25. Dr. Nitish Dogra - US-India Partnership for Climate Resilience | Download
26. Dr. Katharine Hayhoe - Second exercise on application of outputs | Download | Video
27. Dr. Anne Stoner - Group Discussion on Key Questions and Outcomes Resilience | Download | Download | Instructions | Instructions
28. Dr. Lauretta Burke - WRI and the Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) - An Overview | Download
29. Dr. Nambi Appadurai - Resilience Efforts and Activities in India Resilience | Download
30. Dr. Lauretta Burke - Development of Dashboards and its Utilization in State Action Planning Resilience | Download
Summary | Download

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