Hands on Session Exercise and Data

Day 2

CORDEX South Asia Analysis (Co-ordinated By : J.Sanjay, TP Sabin, Sandip Ingle, MVS. Ramarao and R. Mahesh) | Download
Practical demonstrations - Case studies of climate extremes and their linkages to downstream water demand (Co-ordinated By: Arun Shrestha, Saurav Pradhananga, and Kabiraj Khatiwada) | Download Exercise | Download Demo
Communicating Climate Change Information through Climate Risk Narratives (Co-ordinated By: Chris Lennard) | Download

Day 3

Estimation of snow reflectance using satellite data (Co-ordinated By : Anil Kulkarni)| Download

Day 4

Hands on Training co-ordinated by Emily Nilson | Download
Trans-disciplinary research for integrating climate studies in education (Co-ordinated by: Shasashidhara & Team, IISER, Pune) | Download
Statistical analysis of TRMM satellite derived precipitation (Co-ordinated by: Toru Terao) dataset | Download | Download