Session I: Weather and climate variability in the Himalayan region in a changing climate
Hemant Borgaonkar: Observed climate change in the Himalayas | Download
M. Ravichandran: Role and response of the Himalayan cryosphere to climate change | Download
R. Krishnan: Non-monsoon precipitation response in the western Himalayas to climate change | Download
S.K. Satheesh: Black carbon measurements over the Himalayas

Session II: Understanding changes in the Himalayan snow, glaciers & water resources
Anil Kulkarni: Estimation of snow-cover variations in the Himalayan region
Arun Shrestha: Climate change in the Himalayan region and its link to downstream water availability | Download
Martin Widmann: IUKWC - Development of hydroclimatic services for the Himalayas | Download
Ravi Nanjundiah: Monsoon Mission in the Himalayan context | Download

Session III: Weather and Climate Modeling for the Himalayan region
Chris Lennard: Overview of the WCRP Regional Activity: CORDEX | Download
E.N. Rajagopal: Prediction of heavy precipitation in the Himalayan region | Download
J. Sanjay: Brief overview of the Science & Training sessions during days 2-5 of the workshop
M. Mujumdar: COSMOS soil moisture measurement and site visit in IITM
Training Session I: Regional climate downscaling and high resolution modeling
Martin Widmann: Downscaling methodologies: Suitability of different approaches, validation for high mountain regions
J.Sanjay: IITM Coordinated CORDEX South Asia- Downscaled climate change Projections for the Hindu Kush Himalayan region | Download
Ashwini Kulkarni: Application of statistical downscaling for the Himalayan region | Download
Arun Shrestha: Outcomes of the HIMAP assessment report | Download
T.P. Sabin: High resolution global climate modelling for the Himalayan region | Download
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Training Session II: Assessing Climate Change Impacts Vulnerabilities in the HMA region
Chris Lennard: Connecting climate science to decisions | Download | Download
Toru Terao: Reliable precipitation measurements for validation of regional climate simulations | Download
Ramesh Vellore: Large-scale dynamics and numerical modelling of heavy precipitation events in the Himalayan region | Download
Anil Kulkarni: Estimating mass balance of the Himalayan glaciers
Vimal Mishra: Climatic uncertainty in the Himalayan water towers
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Training Session III: Applications of downscaled information for the HMA region
Toru Terao: Post MAHASRI Initiative - Understanding of the Asian land precipitation over diverse hydroclimatological conditions for better prediction, disaster reduction and sustainable development | Download
Prakash Tiwari: Climate change adaptation in water, agriculture, and livelihood sectors for the mountainous Himalayas | Download
A.L. Ramanathan: Regional modelling studies of the Himalayan glacier mass balance
Subimal Ghosh: Understanding the cascade of GCM and downscaling uncertainties in hydroclimatic projections over India
Emily Nilson: PREP data: India case study for the Uttarakhand | Download
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Training Session IV: Presentation by Participants
Summary | Download