• IITM Earth System Model

    Developing a state-of-the-art climate model from India suitable for long-term climate studies is a critical requirement in order to generate reliable future projections of the global and regional climate, and particularly the Indian monsoon rainfall. The CCCR-IITM has developed an Earth System Model, IITM-ESM by incorporating earth system components in the Climate Forecast System (CFS) from National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP, USA), and thereby transforming the CFS seasonal prediction model to a long-term climate model. More details are presented in “IITM Earth System Model: Transformation of a Seasonal Prediction Model to a Long Term Climate Model”, Swapna et al., BAMS, 2015.

  • IITM-ESM contributions to the forthcoming CMIP6

    The IITM-ESM marks a successful climate modeling development for contributing to the forthcoming CMIP6 with DECK, historic and GMMIP simulations, a first from India