• List of the 17 CORDEX South Asia RCM outputs available on ESGF [Download Doc File]
  • Table 1
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  • List of variables from each RCM for CORDEX South Asia (WAS-44) published on ESGF
  • A short introduction on how to access and download CORDEX South Asia simulations can be found in this [Tutorial].

    CORDEX South Asia simulations are visible on all ESGF index nodes worldwide but the full support for all CORDEX search options (facets) including CORDEX-specific ones (“Domain”, “Driving Model”, “Downscaling Realisation”) is at present provided by the SMHI-NSC ESGF index node .
  • Terms and conditions for the use of CORDEX-South Asia datasets.[ click here ]
  • Acknowledgement [ click Here ]
  • CORDEX (Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment) : CORDEX Data Search
  • If any query, email us : cccroutreach@tropmet.res.in